Wyoming Pronghorns from some Midwestern Boys eyes,

March 4th, 2017

First thing yall will notice is the new pod intro! Huge Thanks to Casey Beathard for letting us use that song! Im sure yall are familiar with it, was a huge Mointgomery Gentry hit! Casey was the original song writer and that was his version of it! good stuff!! Fits us and our show perfect so coulndt be happier!

On to the show, heres the deal, this one is raw and has a bit of foul language in it so u were warned, we recorded this after one hell of a hunt in wyoming while we were still up there in the camper we stayed in so there is a bit of background noise but it isnt to bad. if you have never been out west and are thinking about going, you WILL take a lot from this show. We ourselved learned a heep and in this show pass every bit of it along to yall! hope u enjoy!!

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