Talking Wyoming Speed Goats With Ryan M from Vortex

December 15th, 2016

This show was a recap of both mine and Ryans Speed goat hunts in wyoming this year. We went over all of the crazies that went on during the trips, but mainly what myself, being new to western hunting took away from it and learned about that style of hunting. There is a lot of good info we go over for someone who is thinking about heading west sometime that you dont want to miss out on. You will leave learning something that will make your expereince that much easier!! There is the basic chit chat between of how our hunts went, the crazy on goings that took place and how we went about being VERY successful in our pursuits out there even myself being a first timer there relying on solely public land that was not very abundent or even accessable for that matter in the zone we hunted.

Also went over towards the end some of the new products that Vortex Optics is throing to us for 2017, my fav being the all new Fury HD range finding Binos. Which is, and i use the term "basically" very Losely here, a Viper HD 10x42 mixed with the Ranger 1500 range finder. Check em out at


once again thanks for the support and hope yall have had a bad to the bone season so far! Ducks and geese re on the move and if you can find open water youll get on em!!

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