Reloading Your Own Ammo from the Ground Up With Ryan Muckenhirn

July 7th, 2017

All right!! So this is the first show from the new OS! I feel like its been ages but we are back boys and girls! 

So that being said, this one is a long, very very informative show with my good friend Ryan Muckenhirn. he is probably the most qualified dude I know, personally anyway to talk this stuff, having probably well over a million rounds loaded himself.

we literally start from the ground up, first step to the very last, we go over what all is in the Hornady Lock-N-Load kit i have(which is only about $250) and how fast you can make back that initial cost put out for buying the loading kit. you can increase accuracy so much going this way and also save a butt ton of money if u shoot an odd round like myself in a 270wsm. its well worth doing and beyond worth the listen!

Thanks again for sticking with me on this hiatus of a broke down system, but I am back and this train is going to keep chugging full speed now that we are going again!

Thanks for listening!

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