get involved now!

January 26th, 2017

Ok folks we have a new year, a new president, and a new direction. That being said there are some new faces in DC and I highly urge everyone to be as vocal as possible to make sure we aren't losing our rights as outdoorsman and women. It's not a red or blue issue, it's an issue across the board! Listen to this show and I'll tell you how u can make sure u are on top of the current bills and things that are going on! You can't complain if you don't reach out to your local state officials! DO IT! Thanks for listening folks!! And what you see In This picture is what's at stake, hunting out west is a big thing, that needs to be left alone. And as of now there are a lot of politicians trying to get rid of our public hunting ground out west. Remember that's OUR ground, keep it public folks!

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