Talkin Hogs With Greg Pavur

August 4th, 2017

Whats crackin!Do you want to get a hog like whats in this pic?? Listen up!!

We are talking Hog Hunting boys and girls!!! We are also ready for hunting season folks!! Its been hot, miserable and filled with work of late and we are ready for a change! In this show we are joined by guest Greg Pavur, Wildlife Ecologist and Hunting Guide at Pavur Outdoors. Greg is a good dude that my good friend Cable Smith, y'all know him, hooked me up with to come down to Texas and shoot wild hogs and ducks with this last winter. What started this show, is for one I like Greg and want to promote his business but two he corrected me on all kinds of miss-information about wild hogs and the situation down in Texas. We talk all of it. How they interact with deer and cattle, to is there really a problem, and how to pick a guided hog hunt from what you really want to get out of it, do you want to hunt a wild hog?? Or one who has been trapped and sold to a ranch? Greg is all Low fence or no fence and there is no one else id recomend hiring to put you on some hogs, ducks, fish(crappie, or cats) frogs, deer, quail, you name it, if Texas has it and you want to hunt it he can more than likely put you on it if its wild game.

Here is a link to his website and we tell ya his social media in the pod, listen, and follow him, he has been slaying hogs and catfish all damn spring and summer!!!! I'm beyond jealous!

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