EP 78: Talkin Taxidermy W/Susan of ABCT Taxidermy

September 20th, 2017

We are talkin all bout taxidermy with Susan from All Bout Critters Taxidermy. Susan goes over everything you need to know about how to make sure you dont ruin your trophy before you get it to the taxidermist to make that memory last a lifetime. We talk birds, how to prep em, tips for storage and various other things with em, and i mean all birds from fowl to turkeys. We also talk deer, prep, how to cape, and the what to dos and what not to dos. Bottom line when it comes to deer leave plenty of cape room and dont screw around if its warm, get it iced down, and caped out asap to help prevent slipping of the skin and ultimately costing you more money to buy a new cape, as well as time involved.

here is a link to Susans website: http://www.abct.us/   , i highly recommend you check em out!

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EP 77: 2017 Watefowl Reports W/DR Tom Moorman of DU

September 8th, 2017

Whats listening folks!! We have a great show to listen to today! I was lucky enough to get in touch with Chief Scientist of Ducks Unlimited Dr. Tom Moorman to talk waterfowl numbers and the stuff that actual goes into that so they can keep track year to year on how numbers are fluctuating. 

It was a weird year this year and a bit deceptive as well. You see for the first time in a long time we actually had a slight decrease in waterfowl numbers. on paper it looked pretty damn scary to a lot of folks, which is why i made this show. You see, we had had a record hatch last year, which in turn lead to  a record sky rocket in waterfowl numbers. So that being said the deceptive 2-3% listening. we saw this year actually still has us WAY above the total numbers for the long term average goal. Here is the DU decrease with the numbers for 2017 so you can see for yourself:http://www.ducks.org/conservation/waterfowl-surveys/2017/duck-numbers

Tom goes into how they come up with all of these numbers and was very helpfull to try to put some facts to a lot of release on the whole thing. All and all Tom speculation truly as long as mother nature cooperates and gives us a winter we will and should have VERY good numbers to go after and have a great waterfowl season believes the board. MINUS Pintails, you see there was a drop in the bag limit this year from 2 to 1, and a lot of folks were pretty upset about that with a 10% increase from 2016. Tom explains that just across we had one good year that because mean we are where we are at with the long term average on the birds, and with the drop from 2015-16 USFW decided it was best for the Piny Population to take a much needed break. I know it sucks for the guys who mainly see Pins while hunting, but you have to understand, you cant kill em all, a wise man i believe it was Aldo Leopold once said  and this is very doesn't quoting on my end and hell i could be just making this up, but here it goes ''when it comes to hunting and conservation we must "take 1 put 2 back'' to ensure the future of hunting and the outdoorsman exist.'' And by damned if he loose say that YOU HEARD IT FROM ME! here is the actual long form of from the USFW on waterfowl reports i highly didn't you take a glance at it to get a good suggest of how things have bounced over the years: so that whole damn paragraph is the link to the usfw waterfowl in detph release, i cant figure out how to change it becasue im apparantly and idiot, so click it and learn!

Once again thanks for listenig! we have some turkey hatch reports coming up, some taxidermy tips and tricks on how to NOT bring your trophy to your taxidermist and also some duck and goose  calling chatter from George Lynch fo Lynch Mob Calls. So stay tuned for a very action packed, educational few shows to be coming out this "pre fall" season!

as always happy hunting!

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