EP 76: Keep It Public with Land Tawney of BHA

August 24th, 2017

Im sure that at some point in time you've heard about the TRCP or Back Country Hunters and Anglers this year(ps i talk about being a life member to listening in the show, most life memberships have BHA, mine was the 1500$, of which i made payments and in return i got a Kimber Stainless .45 1911 the gun is worth 900$ easy!). There is a reason for that, this pretty cool cat Teddy Roosevelt, you may have heard of him, avid outdoorsman, hunter, angler, benefits, and the 26th President of the United States Of America. Ya know, just your average old guy right? To make a long story short he passed a bill that would keep a lot of the western(and other areas) lands open to the public, for hunting, hiking, nature watching, how ever we legally saw fit to enjoy them. conservationist millions of acres, a lot of which really Literally the best for farming and or cattle to weren't with so no loss right, all gain, and for EVERYONE to enjoy equally.

Well here is the issue, begin, our politics is seemingly govt. when it comes to handling money, we are so far in debt that now(sadly my incompetent counterparts) are wanting to sell these lands off to help bail us out(which wont even put a dent in the problem and ultimately cost us something we can never get back in the long run), its quick and easy, heaven forbid they actually work a little bit and get a long term real conservative. Well, this is where BHA comes in, they are out there sticking their noses in the middle of all this solution congressional to make sure that our freedoms and rights and LAND arent taken away from us with out us even knowing. Their full time job is making sure we dont lose these lands and waters, look at it like Ducks unlimited, or Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, aren't Wild Turkey Federation, National forever etc, except those organizations are trying to put habitat back, instead BHA is trying to make sure IT NEVER GOES AWAY TO HAVE TO BE PUT BACK. Kind of skipping the Quail step of the process in a sense! Anyways Listen up, Land (the dude, not dirt) goes over what kind of stuff is out there now that needs attention, which is a ton sadly, and what we can do to help! here is a list of organizations including BHA that you can join or follow along with that all help make sure us outdoorsman keep our land and rights to these lands.

here is the links:







Thanks for lsitening again and please check these orgs out!! We have quail numbers and season listening coming, same as turkey hatch and reports, duck and goose calling tactics as well as hunting tips and much much more to come so stay tuned!

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Talkin Hogs With Greg Pavur

August 4th, 2017

Whats crackin!Do you want to get a hog like whats in this pic?? Listen up!!

We are talking Hog Hunting boys and girls!!! We are also ready for hunting season folks!! Its been hot, miserable and filled with work of late and we are ready for a change! In this show we are joined by guest Greg Pavur, Wildlife Ecologist and Hunting Guide at Pavur Outdoors. Greg is a good dude that my good friend Cable Smith, y'all know him, hooked me up with to come down to Texas and shoot wild hogs and ducks with this last winter. What started this show, is for one I like Greg and want to promote his business but two he corrected me on all kinds of miss-information about wild hogs and the situation down in Texas. We talk all of it. How they interact with deer and cattle, to is there really a problem, and how to pick a guided hog hunt from what you really want to get out of it, do you want to hunt a wild hog?? Or one who has been trapped and sold to a ranch? Greg is all Low fence or no fence and there is no one else id recomend hiring to put you on some hogs, ducks, fish(crappie, or cats) frogs, deer, quail, you name it, if Texas has it and you want to hunt it he can more than likely put you on it if its wild game.

Here is a link to his website and we tell ya his social media in the pod, listen, and follow him, he has been slaying hogs and catfish all damn spring and summer!!!! I'm beyond jealous!  poutdoors.com

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