Positive Deer Management With Biologist Kevyn W from MO Dept Of Conservation

July 21st, 2017

Hey hey hey! So, In this show we spoke with Kevyn W, who's a whitetail biologist with the Missouri Dept Of Conservation. The main thing I wanted to get from this show is facts, those facts being positive herd management, either through ground work on the land or harvesting of certain animals.

Honestly your brain is about to be invaded by so much scientific information you may not be able to function. I wanted to eliminate the "good old boy" practices and actually talk what works and what is truth. And this is exactly what we did! We talked management, what deer to take, deer habits, how to make your property attract deer, CWD, how to keep that nasty stuff isolated, and so much more! Huge thanks to Kevyn for taking  2 hours out o his day to help inform us in what we really need to be doing to make a positive influence on our deer herds!

Like always thanks for listening and please let us know how we did! Leave a comment or review! Please! Take care and enjoy your pursuits what ever they may be!

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Reloading Your Own Ammo from the Ground Up With Ryan Muckenhirn

July 7th, 2017

All right!! So this is the first show from the new OS! I feel like its been ages but we are back boys and girls! 

So that being said, this one is a long, very very informative show with my good friend Ryan Muckenhirn. he is probably the most qualified dude I know, personally anyway to talk this stuff, having probably well over a million rounds loaded himself.

we literally start from the ground up, first step to the very last, we go over what all is in the Hornady Lock-N-Load kit i have(which is only about $250) and how fast you can make back that initial cost put out for buying the loading kit. you can increase accuracy so much going this way and also save a butt ton of money if u shoot an odd round like myself in a 270wsm. its well worth doing and beyond worth the listen!

Thanks again for sticking with me on this hiatus of a broke down system, but I am back and this train is going to keep chugging full speed now that we are going again!

Thanks for listening!

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