EP 84: Cooking Up Upland, Small Game, and Turkey W/Hank Shaw

April 4th, 2018

Once again my good friend Hank Shaw joins me to talk his new book Pheasant Quail Cottontail. Its Always a good time when Hank comes on! We go over some recipes in his book like Buffalo Turkey Mac n Cheese for instance as one of his easiest and personal faves from the book! As well as many other topics and recipes and the standard hunting jib jab like usual! Sorry for the lack of shows of late we haven't retired just been busy adulting and with the day job!

Check out and follow Hank through his 2018 book tour here as well as where to buy his books as well here:

FB: Hunter Angler Gardener Cook Facebook

web;  https://honest-food.net

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EP 83: Talkin 3 Gun With Comp Shooter Reuben Aleckson of Vortex Optics

January 17th, 2018

3 gun and competitive shooting, i know yall have at least seen a video of one of theses in the happenings. Whether it be that viral one of Keanu Reeves running through a comp tactical corse or even just a randon vid  a buddy shared or posted on facebook or IG. With the social media explosion over the last 10 years things like 3 gun have had a door open on these media outlets and for good reason. IT LOOKS LIKE ONE HELL OF A TIME! But for some its not just about fun, its treated just like those friday night lights or sunday kick off at noon, or when that early sat footy whistle blows. its a straight up competitive grind for the best all around shooter to get to the top. 

Now this show we dont get into what it takes to win it all or honestly be the best, but its more of a "how the hell do i even get into this??'' type deal. If you are anyhting like myself you follow along with fokks online but in know way do you even know where to begin to start or even look at where to go to even do this stuff. Thats where my good friend Reuben comes in. Hes been at this for quite some time now and goes over everything youll need to know on how to get started. which you dont even really need any guns from the sounds of it believe it or not! Stay tuned and let us know what you think!!

happy shooting folks!

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EP 82: Talking Fowl W/Tracy Northup from Deadly Decoys and Up North Outdoors

December 11th, 2017

Whats crackin folks?! Our good buddy Tracy from over at Deadly Decoys and Up North Outdoors joins us again to talk a little Duck and Snow Goose hunting as well as how Deadly Deeks came to and a little "get to know ya" about Tracy himself! Give the show a listen and please check em out at 


they truly are the best wind sock on the market and when it comes to feild hunting its a great way to add some amazing motion and bulk up your spread for ducks or geese at a very low cost! 

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November 8th, 2017

Sup boys and girls, we are joined by Ben Stern and Arron Stonehocker from Tactacam to talk a little about their bow/gun mount cam and a lot about hunting. We talk how the cam came too, why it fairs better than the rest for being a bow or gun mounted camera and some of the cool features that comes along with the newer tactacam 4.0. 

here is a link to their site if you want to hop on the cool train and check em out! you wont be dissapointed they really are a great addition to any hunters set up! :https://www.tactacam.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQiA84rQBRDCARIsAPO8RFxiE8JoUA6kkR56F9muTni2jML07Z-2BtTGTL6Dyo1ZFWS8Ia0MMrAaAhtBEALw_wcB


also, we have some new recipes up on our site you can check out here;http://www.southpondwaterfowl.com

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EP 80: Quail State Of The Union

October 30th, 2017

"Take Care Of Mother Nature And She'll Take Care Of You"

Alright boys and girls we are talking upland game and the state of the union for them! mainly quail, but they are all effected the same! We sit down with Farm Bill Biologyst Andy White with Quail and Pheasants Forever to talk about the shape of the upland population, mainly quail for this 2017 season! 

Have, a listen and like always let us know what you think! Best of luck out there on your pursuits, stay safe and happy hunting!

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EP 79: 2017 Turkey State of The Union w/MDC Lead Turkey Biologist Jason Isabelle

October 5th, 2017

Woot we finally have a waterfowl and turkey calling guy to come on the show to talk tactics, tips, and all kinds of other good stuff in mr George Lynch of Lynch Mob Calls find em at: https://lynchmobcalls.com!


this segment was brought to you bye Hevi shot ammo! go get your HEVI X now before it runs out!! find it here

Ok and beyond that heres what is cracking, the Missouri Dept of Conservation has finally realeased its brood report for 2017. this is a very extensive research program with about 9k folks/volunteers who help out. We held steady from last years numbers but thta being said those numbers were also down some 43% from 2015. I think everyone was hoping for an increase this year but sadly that didnt happen. 

We go over everything about this, all the facts, and even more on what YOU can do to help inusre birds dont take a bigger hit than already given by mother nature, or even if you want to help with the reports! Huge thanks to Jason for coming on the show to help us understand how, why, when and all the other questions involved with this Turkey State of the Union 2017! youll have to listen for all the good details!!

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EP 78: Talkin Taxidermy W/Susan of ABCT Taxidermy

September 20th, 2017

We are talkin all bout taxidermy with Susan from All Bout Critters Taxidermy. Susan goes over everything you need to know about how to make sure you dont ruin your trophy before you get it to the taxidermist to make that memory last a lifetime. We talk birds, how to prep em, tips for storage and various other things with em, and i mean all birds from fowl to turkeys. We also talk deer, prep, how to cape, and the what to dos and what not to dos. Bottom line when it comes to deer leave plenty of cape room and dont screw around if its warm, get it iced down, and caped out asap to help prevent slipping of the skin and ultimately costing you more money to buy a new cape, as well as time involved.

here is a link to Susans website: http://www.abct.us/   , i highly recommend you check em out!

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EP 77: 2017 Watefowl Reports W/DR Tom Moorman of DU

September 8th, 2017

Whats listening folks!! We have a great show to listen to today! I was lucky enough to get in touch with Chief Scientist of Ducks Unlimited Dr. Tom Moorman to talk waterfowl numbers and the stuff that actual goes into that so they can keep track year to year on how numbers are fluctuating. 

It was a weird year this year and a bit deceptive as well. You see for the first time in a long time we actually had a slight decrease in waterfowl numbers. on paper it looked pretty damn scary to a lot of folks, which is why i made this show. You see, we had had a record hatch last year, which in turn lead to  a record sky rocket in waterfowl numbers. So that being said the deceptive 2-3% listening. we saw this year actually still has us WAY above the total numbers for the long term average goal. Here is the DU decrease with the numbers for 2017 so you can see for yourself:http://www.ducks.org/conservation/waterfowl-surveys/2017/duck-numbers

Tom goes into how they come up with all of these numbers and was very helpfull to try to put some facts to a lot of release on the whole thing. All and all Tom speculation truly as long as mother nature cooperates and gives us a winter we will and should have VERY good numbers to go after and have a great waterfowl season believes the board. MINUS Pintails, you see there was a drop in the bag limit this year from 2 to 1, and a lot of folks were pretty upset about that with a 10% increase from 2016. Tom explains that just across we had one good year that because mean we are where we are at with the long term average on the birds, and with the drop from 2015-16 USFW decided it was best for the Piny Population to take a much needed break. I know it sucks for the guys who mainly see Pins while hunting, but you have to understand, you cant kill em all, a wise man i believe it was Aldo Leopold once said  and this is very doesn't quoting on my end and hell i could be just making this up, but here it goes ''when it comes to hunting and conservation we must "take 1 put 2 back'' to ensure the future of hunting and the outdoorsman exist.'' And by damned if he loose say that YOU HEARD IT FROM ME! here is the actual long form of from the USFW on waterfowl reports i highly didn't you take a glance at it to get a good suggest of how things have bounced over the years: so that whole damn paragraph is the link to the usfw waterfowl in detph release, i cant figure out how to change it becasue im apparantly and idiot, so click it and learn!

Once again thanks for listenig! we have some turkey hatch reports coming up, some taxidermy tips and tricks on how to NOT bring your trophy to your taxidermist and also some duck and goose  calling chatter from George Lynch fo Lynch Mob Calls. So stay tuned for a very action packed, educational few shows to be coming out this "pre fall" season!

as always happy hunting!

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EP 76: Keep It Public with Land Tawney of BHA

August 24th, 2017

Im sure that at some point in time you've heard about the TRCP or Back Country Hunters and Anglers this year(ps i talk about being a life member to listening in the show, most life memberships have BHA, mine was the 1500$, of which i made payments and in return i got a Kimber Stainless .45 1911 the gun is worth 900$ easy!). There is a reason for that, this pretty cool cat Teddy Roosevelt, you may have heard of him, avid outdoorsman, hunter, angler, benefits, and the 26th President of the United States Of America. Ya know, just your average old guy right? To make a long story short he passed a bill that would keep a lot of the western(and other areas) lands open to the public, for hunting, hiking, nature watching, how ever we legally saw fit to enjoy them. conservationist millions of acres, a lot of which really Literally the best for farming and or cattle to weren't with so no loss right, all gain, and for EVERYONE to enjoy equally.

Well here is the issue, begin, our politics is seemingly govt. when it comes to handling money, we are so far in debt that now(sadly my incompetent counterparts) are wanting to sell these lands off to help bail us out(which wont even put a dent in the problem and ultimately cost us something we can never get back in the long run), its quick and easy, heaven forbid they actually work a little bit and get a long term real conservative. Well, this is where BHA comes in, they are out there sticking their noses in the middle of all this solution congressional to make sure that our freedoms and rights and LAND arent taken away from us with out us even knowing. Their full time job is making sure we dont lose these lands and waters, look at it like Ducks unlimited, or Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, aren't Wild Turkey Federation, National forever etc, except those organizations are trying to put habitat back, instead BHA is trying to make sure IT NEVER GOES AWAY TO HAVE TO BE PUT BACK. Kind of skipping the Quail step of the process in a sense! Anyways Listen up, Land (the dude, not dirt) goes over what kind of stuff is out there now that needs attention, which is a ton sadly, and what we can do to help! here is a list of organizations including BHA that you can join or follow along with that all help make sure us outdoorsman keep our land and rights to these lands.

here is the links:







Thanks for lsitening again and please check these orgs out!! We have quail numbers and season listening coming, same as turkey hatch and reports, duck and goose calling tactics as well as hunting tips and much much more to come so stay tuned!

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Talkin Hogs With Greg Pavur

August 4th, 2017

Whats crackin!Do you want to get a hog like whats in this pic?? Listen up!!

We are talking Hog Hunting boys and girls!!! We are also ready for hunting season folks!! Its been hot, miserable and filled with work of late and we are ready for a change! In this show we are joined by guest Greg Pavur, Wildlife Ecologist and Hunting Guide at Pavur Outdoors. Greg is a good dude that my good friend Cable Smith, y'all know him, hooked me up with to come down to Texas and shoot wild hogs and ducks with this last winter. What started this show, is for one I like Greg and want to promote his business but two he corrected me on all kinds of miss-information about wild hogs and the situation down in Texas. We talk all of it. How they interact with deer and cattle, to is there really a problem, and how to pick a guided hog hunt from what you really want to get out of it, do you want to hunt a wild hog?? Or one who has been trapped and sold to a ranch? Greg is all Low fence or no fence and there is no one else id recomend hiring to put you on some hogs, ducks, fish(crappie, or cats) frogs, deer, quail, you name it, if Texas has it and you want to hunt it he can more than likely put you on it if its wild game.

Here is a link to his website and we tell ya his social media in the pod, listen, and follow him, he has been slaying hogs and catfish all damn spring and summer!!!! I'm beyond jealous!  poutdoors.com

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