EP 89: Talking Spring Turkey & Getting to Know George Lynch

April 13th, 2019

Hey boys and girls, we finally hooked up with George Lynch of Lynch Mob Calls to talk spring turkey and just get to know a little about George himself! George was visiting his Son Adam, OG Lynch mobber(via birthright) so we thought it even better for the two of em to be on the show! You'll get to know both George and Adam pretty well in this show while we talk spring turkey hunting, tactics and calling. you'll see how deeply rooted these guys are in the outdoors and how great of folks the Lynch boys are! listen up!

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EP87: farmin ducks, is it or isnt it.

February 15th, 2019

Sup y’all! So it seems my mic may be slightly staticky, she sounded great in the test run but it isn’t bad. We are in a too secrete location on the road once again recording in the mobile studio. I am joined again by my good buddy David to talk about a PANDEMIC in the waterfowl world. “WHY ARENT WE KILLING BIRDS?!” Duck farming, heated ponds, ice eaters, flooded corn. Listen up. Well educate ya on why.

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EP86: CWD Is It Or Is It Not The Doomsday of Deer As We Know It

December 18th, 2018

Ok folks, CWD need I say more? I was joined in this topic by Kip Adams Director of Conservation with QDMA to talk this stuff. I kept things respectful and played devils advocate best I could, is this really a problem, is it really new, safe handling, can we get it, Wisconsin, out west. I can go on all day but that would defeat the purpose of recording a show to listen too so listen up! hit us up with your comments questions etc we want to know your options this. find more at qdma.com

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EP85: 2018 the Season Of Hate

November 27th, 2018

Y’all, it’s been a minute! This show is a tad informal, didn’t have all the equipment but we scrounged yo what we could to get er done! My good buddy David has been chasin public land birds in and out of Missouri for damn near the last two decades. We go over how Missouri is different from other states and some of the things that work for us hunting public fowl. We also go over later in the show what we feel is the proper public land etiquette not only to be used towards other hunters but towards the fowl we all so vigorously chase. There is zero need in making things harder than they already are or need to be. Huge props to all you listeners and Vortex Optics for sticking around during this hiatus as well as lynch mob calls, George you are next to come on, avid armor vacuum sealers, lethal scent control tangle free waterfowl and Sitka gear!

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EP 84: Cooking Up Upland, Small Game, and Turkey W/Hank Shaw

April 4th, 2018

Once again my good friend Hank Shaw joins me to talk his new book Pheasant Quail Cottontail. Its Always a good time when Hank comes on! We go over some recipes in his book like Buffalo Turkey Mac n Cheese for instance as one of his easiest and personal faves from the book! As well as many other topics and recipes and the standard hunting jib jab like usual! Sorry for the lack of shows of late we haven't retired just been busy adulting and with the day job!

Check out and follow Hank through his 2018 book tour here as well as where to buy his books as well here:

FB: Hunter Angler Gardener Cook Facebook

web;  https://honest-food.net

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EP 83: Talkin 3 Gun With Comp Shooter Reuben Aleckson of Vortex Optics

January 17th, 2018

3 gun and competitive shooting, i know yall have at least seen a video of one of theses in the happenings. Whether it be that viral one of Keanu Reeves running through a comp tactical corse or even just a randon vid  a buddy shared or posted on facebook or IG. With the social media explosion over the last 10 years things like 3 gun have had a door open on these media outlets and for good reason. IT LOOKS LIKE ONE HELL OF A TIME! But for some its not just about fun, its treated just like those friday night lights or sunday kick off at noon, or when that early sat footy whistle blows. its a straight up competitive grind for the best all around shooter to get to the top. 

Now this show we dont get into what it takes to win it all or honestly be the best, but its more of a "how the hell do i even get into this??'' type deal. If you are anyhting like myself you follow along with fokks online but in know way do you even know where to begin to start or even look at where to go to even do this stuff. Thats where my good friend Reuben comes in. Hes been at this for quite some time now and goes over everything youll need to know on how to get started. which you dont even really need any guns from the sounds of it believe it or not! Stay tuned and let us know what you think!!

happy shooting folks!

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EP 82: Talking Fowl W/Tracy Northup from Deadly Decoys and Up North Outdoors

December 11th, 2017

Whats crackin folks?! Our good buddy Tracy from over at Deadly Decoys and Up North Outdoors joins us again to talk a little Duck and Snow Goose hunting as well as how Deadly Deeks came to and a little "get to know ya" about Tracy himself! Give the show a listen and please check em out at 


they truly are the best wind sock on the market and when it comes to feild hunting its a great way to add some amazing motion and bulk up your spread for ducks or geese at a very low cost! 

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November 8th, 2017

Sup boys and girls, we are joined by Ben Stern and Arron Stonehocker from Tactacam to talk a little about their bow/gun mount cam and a lot about hunting. We talk how the cam came too, why it fairs better than the rest for being a bow or gun mounted camera and some of the cool features that comes along with the newer tactacam 4.0. 

here is a link to their site if you want to hop on the cool train and check em out! you wont be dissapointed they really are a great addition to any hunters set up! :https://www.tactacam.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQiA84rQBRDCARIsAPO8RFxiE8JoUA6kkR56F9muTni2jML07Z-2BtTGTL6Dyo1ZFWS8Ia0MMrAaAhtBEALw_wcB


also, we have some new recipes up on our site you can check out here;http://www.southpondwaterfowl.com

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EP 80: Quail State Of The Union

October 30th, 2017

"Take Care Of Mother Nature And She'll Take Care Of You"

Alright boys and girls we are talking upland game and the state of the union for them! mainly quail, but they are all effected the same! We sit down with Farm Bill Biologyst Andy White with Quail and Pheasants Forever to talk about the shape of the upland population, mainly quail for this 2017 season! 

Have, a listen and like always let us know what you think! Best of luck out there on your pursuits, stay safe and happy hunting!

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EP 79: 2017 Turkey State of The Union w/MDC Lead Turkey Biologist Jason Isabelle

October 5th, 2017

Woot we finally have a waterfowl and turkey calling guy to come on the show to talk tactics, tips, and all kinds of other good stuff in mr George Lynch of Lynch Mob Calls find em at: https://lynchmobcalls.com!


this segment was brought to you bye Hevi shot ammo! go get your HEVI X now before it runs out!! find it here

Ok and beyond that heres what is cracking, the Missouri Dept of Conservation has finally realeased its brood report for 2017. this is a very extensive research program with about 9k folks/volunteers who help out. We held steady from last years numbers but thta being said those numbers were also down some 43% from 2015. I think everyone was hoping for an increase this year but sadly that didnt happen. 

We go over everything about this, all the facts, and even more on what YOU can do to help inusre birds dont take a bigger hit than already given by mother nature, or even if you want to help with the reports! Huge thanks to Jason for coming on the show to help us understand how, why, when and all the other questions involved with this Turkey State of the Union 2017! youll have to listen for all the good details!!

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